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Boost your performance
You can skip the 'No pain, no gain' approach and still boost your workout performance. Fitness pros agree that you can get much more from your workout using a scientific approach as long as you have a tool that provides accurate heart rate readings. You can accurately determine the right intensity for each training session and set your own personal training schedule and set targets for calorie burn, fat burn, and target heart rate zone.


  • Features
  • Female Friendly Size and Fit
  • Angled Face is an Easy Read
  • Training Manager:
  • - Maximum & Average Heart Rate
  • - Target Heart Rate Zones (3)
  • - Alternate Display of Training Results
  • - Calorie BurnType
  • - Fat Burn
  • - Settable Sport
  • Comfort Contoured Chest Strap, Continuous Readout
  • - High Speed, 'Coded' 2.4 GHz Transmission
  • Dual Time/Date/ Alarms
  • Chrono: 50 Lap Memory, Average HR, Per Lap and
  • Total Laps HR
  • SOS Emergency Mode
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Multi-Lingual: English/French/Spanish/Italian/German
  • Water Resistant: 30m
  • Heart Rate Transmitter:
  • Preset your desired heart rate exercise zone; an alarm will warn you when you have gone of your zone
  • Average heart rate is given for total workout, for each lap and for total time in your zone
  • Provides total calories burned and displays percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Water-resistant hatch in heart rate sensor accommodates quick and easy battery changes
  • 100-hr. chronographs with lap and split options
  • 50-lap memory with average heart rate per lap
  • Includes heart rate sensor with adjustable chest strap
  • Digital transmission protects your data from cross talk with other heart rate monitors and electronic interference from exercise equipment
  • Display allows easy reading of continuous heart rate and elapsed time so you don't need to break stride
  • Automatic and manual training zones help you systematically condition your heart, helping you get and stay fi t; has visual in-zone indicator
  • Heart rate functions include after-workout recall of average, peak and minimum heart rates as well as recall of time in zone
  • On-the-chest monitor provides continuous heart rate readings during even the most intense activities
  • In addition to beats per minute, unit also displays percentage of max heart rate and tracks calories burned\
  • Stopwatch features 27-workout memory recall and a 99-lap counter
  • Other watch functions include countdown timer, month/date, 12/24 hour time and three time zones
  • Watch is water-resistant to 30 meters
  • CR 2032 3v batteries (included) in chest strap and wrist unit are replaceable by the consumer
  • Watch:
  • Sport type selection: Run/Walk/Cycle/User
  • Training Time
  • Current Heart rate display
  • Target heart rate zones 3, Manual or Auto set
  • Heart rate memory recall: Lap average heart rate/Total laps average heart rate
  • Heart rate zone alert: Audible when keytone is enabled
  • Heart rate zone indicators: Visuals on screen
  • Keytone Enable/Disable
  • Training Record
  • - Total Lap Time
  • - Maximum heart rate
  • - Average heart rate
  • - Time Above/In/Under zone
  • - Calorie burn
  • - Fat burn
  • Scan Mode: Shows all training results after training
  • Backlight: Electro-luminenscent (EL)
  • Lap timer: 9:59:59
  • Stopwatch: 50 laps
  • - Lap average heart rate
  • - Total laps average heart rate
  • Dual Time: 12hr/24hr
  • Date
  • Daily alarm: 2
  • Water-resistance: 30M
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Other:
  • Battery type: CR2025, chest strap & watch
  • Power saving (Sleep) Mode
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Emergency SOS Information: Name/Phone/Blood type
  • Multiple languages: English/French/Spanish/Italian/German 

Women's Heartbeat

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