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Accelerate your workout
You like your day active, your workouts challenging, and your technology accurate and hassle free.

The most popular Tech4o watch series, the Accelerators combine speed, distance, pace, and calorie burn functions with a calibration mode to calculate personalized run or walk stride. Classic styling in the most current trend-setting colors, to transition seamlessly from work out to work day.
Whether you're passionate about running, hiking, walking or just staying fit, Accelerator cardio watches give you what you need, and you don't sacrifice accuracy for simplicity or features-you get them all!


o Speed
o Distance
o Calories
o Actual Exercise Time
o Time/Date/Day
o Backlight Display
o Step Counter (Pedometer) with 7 day/10 week memory
o Dual Time Zone
o Daily Alarm
o Stopwatch
o Countdown Timer
o Display Text in English or French
o Water Resistance: 50M

NEW Quick Start Menus
Accelerator cardio watches are now easier to use than ever! Remove the watch from the box and simply push any button. The quick start system will guide you through the set-up process to customize your watch for time, date, height, weight and age to accurately track your performance right from the start. Then the simplified menu system lets you turn functions on & off, or change and customize settings quickly and easily.

o Highly accurate step counter with adjustable sensitivity allows users to tune the sensors to their individual walking style. The Accelerator can automatically distinguish between running and walking, and can calculate your average speed, distance, caloric expenditure, and total exercise time.
o The Accelerator has a delayed step counter feature that differentiates between ancillary movements and actual steps. This feature provides users with the most accurate results by delaying calculation until it has registered 10 steps in a row to eliminate overly sensitive step counting.

Personal Profile
o This feature allows the user to customize his or her watch to their specific body type and walking/running style. No matter how fast or slow, tall or short, each user can personally enter their weight, average walking stride, and average running stride in order to ensure accurate results. Weight and stride lengths can be quickly and easily adjusted as conditioning improves.

o The Accelerator series' powerful stopwatch features allow users to record exact results to within 1/100th of a second for up to 50 laps and a total time of 24 hours.

Countdown Timer
o A countdown timer can be an exceptionally useful tool. Set it for 10 minutes as a quick reminder. Use it to monitor your running/walking pace and set speed goals.

Alternative Time Zone
o Great for those who travel! Allows users to set and display an alternative time zone along with the current home time display. Never lose track of time no matter where you are.

Daily Alarm Mode
o The Daily Alarm is a great way to set a daily reminder or wake up alarm.


  • Current Time:
  • Month, date, day of week, hour, minute and second display
  • 12 / 24 hour format selectable
  • Dual time function
  • Alarm:
  • Two independent alarms with daily or weekly selection
  • Alarm sound: 30 seconds
  • Chronograph
  • Resolution: 1/100 second
  • Measuring range: 9 hr 59 min 59.99 sec
  • 100 lap memory
  • Timer:
  • 10 sequential timers with independent ON/OFF
  • Resolution: 1 second
  • Measuring range: 23 hr 59 min 59 sec
  • Timer sound: beep once at last 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second, and beep for 30 seconds when count to zero
  • Pedometer:
  • Displayable step range: 0-19999
  • Exercise timer: max 23:59:59
  • Distance measuring: max 400 km / 248.5 miles
  • Calories burned: 0-9999 K
  • Memory: 10-daily records : Each daily record contains exercise time, distance, step, max speed, average speed, and calories.
  • Settings:
  • Run / Walk stride
  • Sleep timer
  • Sensitivity level: 1 to 5
  • Metric / Imperial unit selection
  • Other:
  • Stride calculator - run or walk a selected distance and the watch automatically calculates then sets your stride
  • EL backlight
  • LCD level adjustable: 16 levels
  • Key Tone on /off
  • Power saving mode
  • Low battery indicator
  • English / French language selection
  • User replaceable battery CR2032
  • Water resistance 50m / 150 ft

Accelerator Mns Carbon

Item is available.

EUR 47,97   EUR 79,95


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